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Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Re wives our crate first thing this morning. Thank you Linda for your help.
Baltic Firewood Logs are the best. Looking forward to a hot and cosy winter burning our kiln fried logs in our log burner.

Roseann Standring

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Absolutely delighted with delivery of more crates of birch wood logs which arrived this morning. Brilliant service.
Superb quality firewood and always burn well.
The delivery driver was great and helpful too.
I definitely unreservedly recommend Baltic Firewood Company. Great business to deal with. Thank you

Donald Y - Kinlochleven

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

We have been buying our logs from Baltic for about 5 years now, the logs burn so clean, even our chimney sweep commented on how clean the chimney was with using quality logs. They really are the best logs, you won’t regret buying them.

Kate Aitken - Clarkston- Glasgow

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

The 2*1 pallet sounds expensive, but in reality i think there is around 4.5 builders bags, contained in the pallet, the wood is properly dry, burns extremely well, and produces good heat.

David Reid - Old Kilpatrick

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

A seamless, quality service and product.

I’m new to wood burning stoves and choice of firewood. But I cannot rate Baltic firewood highly enough……a long, slow and hot burn 🔥

Gill Strachan - Blairmore.

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

First Class Service – Better than all the rest !

Have used Baltic Firewood for a couple of years now, and their kiln Dried timber is fabulous – better than any of the competitors and no “smoky” kiln dried logs that you some times find with other suppliers.

Rapid delivery that comes on a pallet, shrink wrapped and weather proofed over the top . . . . and the price is unbeatable.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my timber.

Andy Campbell - Erskine

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

We are delighted with the service and quality of the logs from Baltic. We were able to get a Saturday delivery and the driver was even able to reverse the tractor into our drive and drop the pallet in the garage. Great service and great product from a local company.

Marion Ormond - Paisley

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

I was attracted to trying this new source of wood for my multi burner because I was fed up with the variable quality and quantity of wood supplied by local suppliers. I have used at least 6 local suppliers and have used some more than once, but each load was widely different from the last one. I have not yet found one that I would be happy to use for the third time.
To date, each supplier has supplied a builder’s bag with lumps of wood thrown in randomly. Much of the bag is just air and much of the supply was of a very variable mix of good wood and definitely soft/newer not so good wood which burned away much too quickly generating little heat.

The supply I received from Baltic timber is exactly the same as my neighbour received, and I am no longer paying for air. Plus I am happy that the logs are available for immediate burning. The logs being dry make them much lighter to lift.
The quality is also excellent. They give out much more heat than any logs I have used to date, running at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit when my stove is turned right down. Also at night I have used these logs to bank up my burner in the same way as I would bank up with coal.
So I have no hesitation in recommending Baltic timber as a reliable source of quality wood which meets all my needs.

Jim Millar - Kilbarchan

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

WOW!!!!! Thanks so much for my logs, Great service, phoned yesterday late afternoon got them this morning. I have been getting logs delivered from another company and have gone through a ton of them in a week. These logs are burning nice and slowly and really hot as well. Perfect size for my wood burner, the other logs were being wasted because half of them were too big. Am so pleased that I found your website Thanks again.

Gill Steven

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

A note from me to say Thank you for my quick and efficient log delivery. Delivered with a smile and a strong pair of helpful hands, so much appreciated and what’s more a Fair Price which is unusual these days. You can count me in as a loyal customer who will be delighted to see you all the year round. Cheers

Mo Ferrington - Kilmacolm

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

I ordered and paid online for 2 cubic metres. The process was easy. The delivery was VERY quick. And the firewood is the best I have ever bought. No softwood mixed in (unlike others), very dry, uniform length. Great heat!

Martin - Prestwick

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

I received 2 cube of logs today. I am so delighted that it was delivered so quickly. I expected them to be at the bottom of my drive and I would be wheel barrowing them up the steep slope, but no! They were right outside my garage door perfect! And there was a tarpaulin over them in case I didn’t feel like decanting it in the dark snowy night. Can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile. The quality of the wood is fantastic also. I will be recommending your service to all my friends.

Karen Radford - Gourock

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

The delivery arrived fine. The logs must have been so well packed as we took two large baskets out and the crate is still full after repacking.
The driver had said that one of your customers in Howwood had described the logs as “fierce” the way they burned! They do, we had the stove on this morning. This is our first load after getting the wood burner fitted and will be used to heat our office. The logs are very dry, 8% and burned fantastically well.
My wife had looked up a few places last week and your reviews had stood out. We will recommend you to the 4 or 5 neighbours who all have wood burners along the front at Wemyss Bay. All the best for a frosty (but dry) winter…

David Innes - Wemyss Bay

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

I was at risk of becoming completely obsessed with logs to burn on our new log burner….always checking different websites for good deals and then thinking “mmmm, bet they’re wet logs…..” I even found myself tutting loudly when in a well known DIY store saw that they stocked their “dry logs” outside in the builders yard bit where it was pouring with rain….!

Then I found Baltic – before we ran out of logs and the house became Baltic.. delivery of 2cube pallet of the best logs I’ve ever seen. The pallet was so well packed there were NO massive gaps between the logs and the logs themselves were all so uniform in length and size…..just great.

The burner has never burned better and we are genuinely using fewer logs due to the dryness and burn quality of the wood. If you’re worried – don’t be. Buy them. And only buy light bulbs from that DIY store – although they’re rubbish too!

Ross MacFadyen - Lochwinnoch

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Morning. Had to tell you that your birch wood logs are absolutely brilliant – best I’ve ever bought. They smell so clean and delicious, and the heat from my stove eventually drives me to the other end of a very large room! Unfortunately I have nowhere to keep the crate, and had to call in my dad, with his big claw hammer, to dismantle it. That was quite a job. Those nails! Homage to your packaging. – Thank you,

Jude - Wester Balgedie

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Third year of buying Baltic wood and it’s a great buy as always. Fantastic friendly service. Great product and another year of a warm home. I would strongly recommend Baltic wood to anyone considering purchasing wood for their stove or fire as the service is very reliable. My husband used to source our own logs from our nearby forests but finds it less costly and less time consuming to purchase logs from Baltic wood and as they’re kiln dried they’re a much better quality resulting in a more efficient fuel. Roll on winter. – Thanks,

Angela Mcgregor

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Hi there,
I bought logs from you last year which were of excellent quality and burnt well keeping us all toasty throughout the winter. I have therefore bought another load from you again this year. Excellent quality once again and looking forward to another warm and cosy winter with the flames flickering in the gloaming and a dram in hand. I would strongly recommend using Baltic Firewood.
– Sincerely,

Dr David Walker - Montana

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Hi there,
Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for a great service and excellent quality product that you delivered to us in super-quick time! We are new to the ‘wood-burner’ world having just had our stove fitted last week. As it was getting fitted, our neighbours all recommended Baltic Firewood to us as a great quality product and, as word-of-mouth gives me peace of mind, decided it was a no brainer to try you guys out.
I phoned on the Tuesday and had a delivery by a very helpful driver by the Wednesday afternoon (yes, just over 24 hours after I called!!). The 1 cube pack we ordered is absolutely huge and the wood is already burning better and hotter than the various samples we’d acquired as the stove got fitted.
So, I’ll join the list of people on my street alone that will be using Baltic Firewood again and again and recommending to all I can!
– Thanks again!

Gary and Wendy McNair

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Good morning,
We’ve only had our wood stove a few months now and we wanted to say thank you for our delivery of wood today, it’s not very often we see such great customer service and everything about our order was hassle free and very informative.
Our neighbour has shown great interest in the quality of the wood delivered so you’ll have another customer ordering any minute now.
Although delivery was scheduled between 9am and 5pm the delivery courier arrived at 8.30am today and was very chatty and friendly, he spoke very fondly of you over at Baltic Firewood too. The wood was perfectly packaged and delivered right up to the front door as promised.
We had a lot of work to do ourselves as it all had to be carried through the house to get to our back garden; but that makes for a very cheap gym membership! Thanks again.
” – Kindest Regards,

Stephen & Sionadh Caulfield

Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Just received our order of kiln dried logs. Phoned Monday afternoon and delivered to Fife Wednesday lunchtime. Used 2 sheets of OSB board to get the pallet down our gravel drive and the driver was more than happy to assist.
Logs are tightly packed and of uniform size, all as described even received a courtesy call just after five to make sure we are happy!
Delighted, thank you for doing exactly as you said.