Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Stephen & Sionadh Caulfield

Good morning,
We’ve only had our wood stove a few months now and we wanted to say thank you for our delivery of wood today, it’s not very often we see such great customer service and everything about our order was hassle free and very informative.
Our neighbour has shown great interest in the quality of the wood delivered so you’ll have another customer ordering any minute now.
Although delivery was scheduled between 9am and 5pm the delivery courier arrived at 8.30am today and was very chatty and friendly, he spoke very fondly of you over at Baltic Firewood too. The wood was perfectly packaged and delivered right up to the front door as promised.
We had a lot of work to do ourselves as it all had to be carried through the house to get to our back garden; but that makes for a very cheap gym membership! Thanks again.
” – Kindest Regards,