Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Ross MacFadyen

Lochwinnoch | Presenter at Real Radio |

I was at risk of becoming completely obsessed with logs to burn on our new log burner….always checking different websites for good deals and then thinking “mmmm, bet they’re wet logs…..” I even found myself tutting loudly when in a well known DIY store saw that they stocked their “dry logs” outside in the builders yard bit where it was pouring with rain….!

Then I found Baltic – before we ran out of logs and the house became Baltic.. delivery of 2cube pallet of the best logs I’ve ever seen. The pallet was so well packed there were NO massive gaps between the logs and the logs themselves were all so uniform in length and size…..just great.

The burner has never burned better and we are genuinely using fewer logs due to the dryness and burn quality of the wood. If you’re worried – don’t be. Buy them. And only buy light bulbs from that DIY store – although they’re rubbish too!