Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

Jim Millar

Kilbarchan |

I was attracted to trying this new source of wood for my multi burner because I was fed up with the variable quality and quantity of wood supplied by local suppliers. I have used at least 6 local suppliers and have used some more than once, but each load was widely different from the last one. I have not yet found one that I would be happy to use for the third time.
To date, each supplier has supplied a builder’s bag with lumps of wood thrown in randomly. Much of the bag is just air and much of the supply was of a very variable mix of good wood and definitely soft/newer not so good wood which burned away much too quickly generating little heat.

The supply I received from Baltic timber is exactly the same as my neighbour received, and I am no longer paying for air. Plus I am happy that the logs are available for immediate burning. The logs being dry make them much lighter to lift.
The quality is also excellent. They give out much more heat than any logs I have used to date, running at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit when my stove is turned right down. Also at night I have used these logs to bank up my burner in the same way as I would bank up with coal.
So I have no hesitation in recommending Baltic timber as a reliable source of quality wood which meets all my needs.