Hardwood Logs Renfrewshire

David Innes

Wemyss Bay | Blueprint Planning & Development Ltd |

The delivery arrived fine. The logs must have been so well packed as we took two large baskets out and the crate is still full after repacking.
The driver had said that one of your customers in Howwood had described the logs as “fierce” the way they burned! They do, we had the stove on this morning. This is our first load after getting the wood burner fitted and will be used to heat our office. The logs are very dry, 8% and burned fantastically well.
My wife had looked up a few places last week and your reviews had stood out. We will recommend you to the 4 or 5 neighbours who all have wood burners along the front at Wemyss Bay. All the best for a frosty (but dry) winter…