A: It's difficult to say, simply because it depends on many factors such as: frequency of heating, outside temperature, demanded inside temperature, quantity of stoves etc. However, our high quality hardwood logs last longer than softwood logs or mixed logs. Simply because we do NOT MIX our logs, they are silver birch logs only (26 btu's – see the explanation below).

A: Yes, certainly. Since Loch Lomond area is situated in Scottish Central belt area, delivery is FREE of charge.

A: Usually, we deliver to the front door; however it depends on the surface. Our deliveries are made using lorries (not vans) which are unable to access narrow lanes and entrances. We cannot move pallets over grass or gravel, since we're using a manual pallet lifter, so the logs will be dropped at the nearest hard standing.

A: Simply because 'jumbo' or 'maxi' crate is usually equal to our large crate (loose volume of 2.82m3). Actually most of 'jumbo' or 'maxi' crates offered by other logs suppliers are a bit smaller then our large crate. Therefore our large crate is great value for money.
Moreover we do NOT MIX our pure silver birch logs with any other softwood or hardwood, because the quality of our logs as well as our customer's satisfaction are our priority

A: From our point of view, it is a fair price for such high quality of logs. Please note that our logs are SILVER BIRCH LOGS (hardwood logs) and NOT MIXED with any other logs like softwood, or other kind of hardwood logs. Our logs are pure silver birch that last longer than any other logs, because of its B.T.U.'s (British Thermal Units – are a measurement of heat output for a given quantity of firewood).

Please see below the B.T.U.'s comparison:

  • Ash – 23 btu's
  • Oak – 24 btu's
  • BIRCH – 26 btu's
  • Softwood – 14 btu's

A: Yes certainly. Upon receipt of your order, you will receive an email confirming day of delivery.