Welcome To Baltic Firewood Company

As our name suggests we are importing firewood logs from the Baltic States. All our logs are cut from sustainable forests in accordance with BS4978. They are kiln dried using waste wood to a maximum moisture content of 20%, then for example packed in small crate or large crate ready for transportation (for more products - such as peat or wood pellets - and options see shop >).

Why Import Logs?

The Baltic States and Scandinavia have been heating their homes for centuries with locally sourced wood and are experts at cutting and preparing firewood.

Why Hardwood?

Most stove manufacturers recommend using hardwood logs rather than softwood, as hardwood burns cleaner and hotter avoiding tarring of the stove and flue or chimney, also very little smoke and no sparks.

Why Birch Hardwood?

B.T.U.'s (British Thermal Units) are a measurement of heat output for a given quantity of firewood.

  • Ash – 23 btu's
  • Oak – 24 btu's
  • BIRCH – 26 btu's
  • Softwood – 14 btu's

DO NOT BUY LOGS BY WEIGHT – as wet logs weigh more and can be up to 60% moisture, so why buy water! Our logs are dried to 20% and we only sell by volume, small or large crates. The logs are packed in crates by hand reducing any empty space, unlike builders bags where the logs are just tipped in. Our large crate is the equivalent of 4 builders bags and the small crate is 2 builders bags.

Looking For High Quality Hardwood Logs For Sale?

We can deliver our logs to the whole of Scotland, from the Highlands and Islands down to the Borders. Delivery is included for most of the mainland, but a small surcharge will apply for other areas.

Contact us and we will deliver our high quality logs to your door.

Logs For Sale

  • packed in small or large crates, bulk bags, nets
  • cut to 25cm/10" long
  • dried to 20% moisture
  • the logs will fit most stoves
  • 26 btu's (British Thermal Units)
  • Birch hardwood not mixed with any softwood or other type of hardwood

We also supply Scottish peat, kindling and wood pellets. Find out more >

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